Downsize your home with less stress

You may have found yourself with more house than you need. You still enjoy your home but the indoor and outdoor maintenance tasks have become burdens.

Or, you may dream of starting your second act in a warmer climate in another state. You may want to move closer to family and friends.

If you are 50+ and decide that you should relocate and downsize, you want to make sure that you have considered all your financial and lifestyle considerations. If you are 50+ and starting to think about downsizing, it is important to work with a realtor that can help you understand the tradeoffs.

We can help you get the best price you need to support the lifestyle you want for this time in your life. We understand that you may have some mixed emotions about your new start.

Here are some ways that we can make the process less stressful for you and your family.

  1. Help you prepare your home for sale by securing handyman and cleaning services for you.
  2. Connect you with a network of senior professionals that have experience working with families, such as mortgage lenders, attorneys, CPAs, organizing professionals, and estate planners.
  3. Communicate with adult children or other family members, at your discretion, to help you manage the overall process.
  4. Explain your bottom line in a straightforward visual manner so that you understand what to expect at closing.
  5. Advocate for you throughout the process to protect your financial interests.