Avoid the risk of making mistakes that could cost you five or six figures with an investor-friendly realtor.

You became interested in real estate because you wanted to make money, not lose money. One way to manage your risk as you seek out opportunities to earn a new stream of income in real estate is to draft a team of experts to support you. If real estate is not your primary profession, mastering all the areas needed to avoid the potential pitfalls can be challenging. We can be your trusted advisor and partner on your road to real estate success and throughout your cycle of investing until its time for you to exit by selling. An investor-friendly realtor shows their value by helping you evaluate whether the numbers “work” and spotting a deal more tricky than meets the eye.

You can consider us as part a team member in your real estate investment business with support that includes:

  1. Provide insight on the trends in the real estate investment process to move forward with your Buy & Hold and/or Fix & Flip strategy in the local area.
  2. Review financing options available given your investment strategy, including non-traditional options.
  3. Advise you on how to define criteria on location, property type, type of tenant, condition of the property, and financial metrics within your budget.
  4. Help you narrow down your list to serious opportunities (found by you or us) against your criteria on location, property type, type of tenant, condition of the property, and financial metrics.
  5. Research market and local information to help you assess the value of the deal (including recent sales, potential rental income, expenses, local code requirements, leases, and other data).
  6. Offer professional perspective during showings. We can also preview properties for you if you are out-of-town.
  7. Facilitate your efforts to get preliminary cost estimates for repairs from contractors.
  8. Run preliminary Return on Investment calculations to support your deal by deal investment decisions.
  9. Counsel you on how to present a competitive offer to get you the house at the minimum price given the current market conditions.
  10. Navigate the closing process to facilitate a smooth settlement. We use technology to make the process of signing documents as easy as possible.

We also offer specialized services for investors including:

Rehab Consulting Support: Fix & Flip rehab budgets mis-prioritized may cause you to fall short of your target After Repair Value. We can help you identify the right punch list to protect your profit margin.
Real Estate Advisory Services: Larger projects require more due diligence and project prospectus to estimate costs, get zoning approvals, and raise capital. We can advise you how to evaluate your development options and explain your project goals to potential investors and lenders.