If you want to achieve more FINANCIAL FREEDOM now and stay in front of the retirement 8-ball, then find out more about our real estate investment services.

We can help you find another option to preserve income and build wealth that is not tied to the stock market.

With a demanding full-time career and family, you may be anxious about getting entangled in landlord headaches and looking at real estate investment deals with too rose-colored glasses. As you build your rental property portfolio, you want to identify opportunities to sell and reinvest into larger investments.

You will have more confidence with a real estate advisor from Daniel Woods Real Estate on your team.

We have modeled our services after the holistic portfolio investment services available to the ultra-wealthy. We partner along with your traditional financial advisor, CPA, and legal advisors. You will have strategic guidance throughout each step in the real estate investing process:

Find out how we partner with real estate investors to build and grow a successful real estate portfolio.

Complimentary Training For New Real Estate Investors

Download our guide, Roadmap to Financial Freedom: Your First Steps to Getting Started with Real Estate Investing to help you prepare to make your first investment.

Strategic Consulting Services

Rehab Consulting Support: Get help to prioritize your repair budget with your end buyer and tenant in mind. Protect your profit margin by considering the highest value updates. Great for new fix & flip investors. Send an email to veronica@dwoodsrealestate.com for more info.

Real Estate Advisory Services: Add a resource to your project management team to execute your pre-development efforts. Get advice on how to evaluate your development options and explain your project goals to potential investors and lenders. Great for new developers. This work is billed on an hourly rate based on the agreed-upon scope of work. Send an email to veronica@dwoodsrealestate.com for more info.

Property Management

Earn cash flow from your rental properties hassle-free by hiring us to manage your properties. We currently serve owners in Delaware County, PA (including Chester, Sharon Hill, and Lansdowne) and Philadelphia (West Philadelphia, Germantown, West Oak Lane). Click here for more info.