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Stick To Your Fundamentals

In this episode of the Rental Property Café™ video podcast, Cynthia Meyer and Veronica Woods discuss 6 ways to stick to your fundamentals in a challenging real estate market:

☕ Fundamental #1: Know Yourself and Your Goals [00:02:15]
☕ Fundamental #2: MatchYour Financial Goal With The Right Real Estate Strategy [00:03:33]
☕ Fundamental #3: Know Your Investor Personality [00:06:28]
☕ Fundamental #4: Know What Interests You And What Would Be Fun To Do [00:09:22]
☕ Fundamental #5: It Takes A Team [00:10:15]
☕ Fundamental #6: Run The Numbers [00:12:38]

About the Rental Property Café™:

The Rental Property Café™ podcast offers a real estate tool kit for busy professionals who are building a real estate portfolio. In each episode, co-hosts Cynthia Meyer & Veronica Woods explore ways to grow a successful real estate business while growing your career.

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