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Should you keep or sell an inherited house?

You inherited a relative’s house, now what?

In this video, I will cover the questions that you should ask after you have inherited a home from a family member. There are basically three options, live in it, rent it out, or sell it. For the purposes of this video, I will focus on the questions you should ask to decide about whether you should rent it (or keep it) or sell it.

[0:18] Overview
[1:45] 1) Consensus among family members who inherited property
[2:20] 2) What is the condition of the property
[3:50​] 3) Are there any liens, like a mortgage?
[5:11] 4) Experience managing rental properties?
[6:39] 5) What is the best financial decision for the family?
[8:25] And a little about taxes

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