You have decided to sell, and you want to make sure that you can get top dollar by attracting the right target client who will appreciate the value. We can help you develop a customized marketing plan that will allow you to draw qualified buyers from first-time home buyers to investors. We help you select the right pricing strategy that will enable you to move on from your home and satisfy your financial goals whether you own one house or a portfolio of properties.

You know that you need to prepare your home for photos and showings but do not have the time or energy to do it yourself. We offer several packages that will allow you to produce dazzling pictures and impress potential buyers as they walk through your house. From cleaning to minor cosmetic repairs that may later become bargaining chips, we have you covered.

You learn that you need to make some repairs to enable to make it to closing after the home inspection or lender’s appraisal. We can help you keep your deal on track by screening and managing contractors who can complete the required fixes before settlement. Don’t worry about making extra trips to the home to coordinate contractors. We will oversee the work for you and get you closer to sitting at the settlement table.

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