Here are some free (and low cost) resources to help you on your real estate journey

Roadmap to Financial Freedom Training

You don’t have to stay stuck in analysis paralysis to figure out your next step to move forward with a real estate investing decision. Get the Roadmap to Financial Freedom training to help you buy your next rental property in 90 days! [Learn more here]

2022 Multifamily Investment Update

You have to understand where there is a supply of multifamily properties in the Philadelphia area before you create your plan to buy one or more. Get a list of the top neighborhoods to buy a multifamily property in Delaware & Philadelphia Counties. [Download the guide here]

How to Sell Your Vacant or Rental Home for Top Dollar

Selling homes with tenants requires careful planning to avoid leaving money on the table. Although these selling situations can be challenging, you can review some of my tested tips to help ensure a smoother process. Review tips to sail through the selling process when you sell a house as a landlord. [Learn more here]

How to Preserve the Value of Your Inherited House

When you inherit a house from a family member, you may be bombarded by offers to sell. Is selling the house right away always the right answer. Download to guide to help you weigh the pros and cons of keeping vs. selling an inherited property. [Learn more here]

21 Questions Every New Investor Should Ask

Discover the right questions to ask when you are getting started investing in rental properties to avoid making costly mistakes. Inside this checklist, you’ll learn valuable insight into what you should ask BEFORE you buy your first rental property. [Learn more here]