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Rental Property Risk: Insurance Tips for Scaling Rental Property Portfolio

As you scale your rental property portfolio, many investors think more seriously about how they manage their risk. You may view rental property insurance differently with 1-2 rental properties vs. 5+ properties.

This video is an interview with investor property insurance expert, Jeff Jones of Best Insurance Pro. (

During the recording, we touched on some of the burning questions I hear as a property manager in Philadelphia around managing risk as a rental property investor including:

Question 1: What safety measures should landlords install in properties to reduce risk?

Question 2 What are the top repairs to reduce overall insurance costs?

Question 3: Which repairs are best kept as the landlord’s responsibility

Question 4: What is the difference between putting the property in an LLC vs keeping it in owner’s name from a liability perspective?

Question 5: What is most important to know about insurance as you scale your rental property portfolio

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