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Renovation planning tips for rental property investors

In this video, we discuss how new investors can best leverage their home inspector along with a general contractor to get better renovation estimates and have less budget surprises.

We chat with home inspector and contractor Curtis Niles of Armor Home Inspections ( to cover the tips from the home inspection report to the scope of work document.

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Key moments in the video
1:13 Overview of using renovations to add value for investments
4:38 Tips for developing preliminary budget estimates before you place offer
6:43 Rules of thumb for costs per square foot in Philadelphia area
9:25 Role of home inspector vs contractor
11:23 How to maximize the timeline with inspectors and other home experts
13:43 What should be on your initial scope of work document?
15:43 When do you need a structural engineer to review issues?
21:12 What is project management?
25:38 Getting help as an out-of-state investor with project management

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