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Real Estate Investing Using the MLS | Finding deals ON market in Philadelphia and Delaware County

How do you find good deals in the Philadelphia area on the MLS in today’s market? You may be skeptical that you can find a deal on the MLS in markets like Delaware County when all the investor gurus tell you that you that the only way you can make money is to find deals off market.

In this video, I share five tips to find great real estate investment opportunities in Philadelphia on the MLS

00:00 Overview
02:46 Stats for off-market deals sold by owners
03:43 Tip 1: Build a relationship with a local realtor each market
06:46 Tip 2: Monitor the seasoned listing on the MLS
07:32 Tip 3: Monitor price adjustments on the MLS
08:21 Tip 4: Read the descriptions for seller headaches
10:20 Tip 5: Think about other deal terms other than price
12:20 Point on wholesalers

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