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Pros and Cons of Section 8 for Landlords in Philadelphia

Should you consider renting your property to a tenant who may need a Section 8 voucher from HUD to be able to afford to live in your property in Philadelphia or Delaware County?

You may hear from some of your landlord friends who have Section 8 tenants in Delaware County or Philadelphia that the money is as good as in the bank however you worry about what you have heard horror stories about how a section 8 tenant damaged a property.

In this video, I will review the pros and the cons of Section 8 as a landlord in Philadelphia and Delaware County PA.

0:00 Overview
2:37 Pro #1: HUD Section 8 Rent Schedule
5:10 Pro #2: Direct Deposit of voucher
5:40 Pro #3: Local Housing Authority on your side
7:05 Pro #Section4: 8 Voucher as an asset to tenants
8:12 Con #1: Section 8 Tenant could still get behind in family portion
8:50 Con #2: Section 8 Tenant complaint inspections
10:06 Con #3: Housing Authority sets final rent for Section 8
13:52 Con #4: Additional HUD lease rules
15:00 Additional tips to keep in mind about local housing authorities in Delaware County and Philadelphia

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