You can sell your home for more money and less stress with us by your side

Here is our process to guide you along the way

STEP ONE: Understand Your Motivation and Review Your Financial Options.

When we first speak, we will take the time to learn about why you want to sell and what is important for you to have a smooth process with less stress. We will want to know all the parties who should participate in the decisionmaking process as well as parties that have a financial interest in the property such as private lenders, mortgage companies, tenants, etc.

STEP TWO: Evaluate Your Property vs. The Market.

We will compare your property against the recently sold, active, expired, and withdrawn properties. We will ask you some questions about your property and then tour the space to finalize our assessment of any positive and negative features for prospective buyers. We will also ask you some questions about your preferences in preparing the home for market and managing showings with interested buyers.

STEP THREE: Discuss Our Recommended Approach.

Based on our assessment of how your property would sell in the current market and your preferences, we will develop a customized marketing plan for your property. We will review our findings about your home’s value and get alignment on how your property ranks amongst the competition. Then, we will review our plan, including a suggested asking price range and a repair/home preparation checklist that supports the plan.

STEP FOUR: Establish a Mutual Agreement on the Marketing Plan.

Beyond signing a listing agreement, we want to ensure we are on the same page with approach and the list price for your home. We stand by our expertise in the process to sell your home but we leave the decisionmaking in your hands. We understand that we may not always be the best fit for every client.

STEP FIVE: Implement the Marketing Plan.

As soon as we are given the green light, we will begin the countdown to launch your listing on the market.

  1. Prepare Your Home For Sale: Get the right things ready (declutter, make minor cosmetic repairs, address any known code issues, incentivize tenants to keep your place clean, take good photos) so buyers will value your home’s features. For an additional fee, we can manage your repair/home preparation checklist along with scheduling a professional photographer to get your property on the market sooner.
  2. Attract Strong and Ready Buyers: We want to get your property seen by the type of buyers most likely to value the unique features of YOUR house. We will make sure your home is found online and most importantly is viewed by your ideal potential buyers. We will create custom marketing messaging that incorporates your property’s top features as well as language that will attract your ideal potential buyers for all printed and online materials.
  3. Price to Sell in Your Preferred Timeline: Once a buyer finds your house, our goal is to generate questions, viewings and ultimately serious offers. The more offers, the better chance that you can get the maximum price.

STEP SIX: Manage the Process until the Closing Table.

We will manage the process for showings and communicate with you on a regular basis. We may recommend a price adjustment based on feedback from showings or changes in the market. When an offer is submitted, we will review its strengths and weaknesses and support you to make a decision. Once an offer is accepted, our team will ensure all the proper paperwork is filed with the title company to minimize any delays in finalizing the sale.

Whenever you are ready to start the countdown to sell your home, here are a few ways we help owners become better prepared.