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How to choose the right mortgage lender as a real estate investor

Many new investors make the mistake of talking to the wrong lender for the deal that they have at hand. Every mortgage broker whether traditional or hard money lender or even your local credit union is not equal for all real estate investment opportunities.

In this video, I will share important things to include in the discussion early on to determine whether you are meeting with the right lender to support your real estate investing journey.

[1:30] All pre-approvals are not equal…

[3:13] Discussion point #1: What type of property is it?

[4:20] Discussion point #2: How will you use the property?

[5:09] Discussion point #3: What is the condition of the property?

[7:15] Discussion point #4: What is your experience?

[9:17] Discussion point #5: What is the source of your personal contribution?

[11:43] Avoid the lender who overpromises

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