What is the buyer consultation?
In order to make sure that we are a good fit to help you meet your goals, we schedule a consultation before showing you any homes. The goal is for you to learn more about us and vice versa. You will have the opportunity to elaborate on the features that are must-haves vs. deal breakers. Based on our original phone conversation, we will select some homes for sale and get your feedback on whether we understand your needs. The goal is to leave the buyer consultation on the same page about the types of homes that are worth your time seeing up close. The more we understand your needs upfront, the quicker we can find you the perfect house.

Why is it important to discuss financing options before looking at properties?
We typically will ask you some questions about your financial situation early in the process. Your financing options often dictate your competitive position when bidding on properties and the types of homes that you will even be able to buy. You should be clear on a realistic budget before beginning to look at properties.

Sellers want to see proof that you have the resources to buy their property. When we submit your written offer, we also send over documentation that shows that a mortgage company has pre-qualified you for a mortgage or a letter from a financial institution that can verify that you have enough cash in an account to complete a purchase. We ask for this proof upfront so that you don’t miss out on a deal due a slow response in a competitive environment.

How do I submit an offer?
An offer is not considered official until it is in writing. If you like a home and decide to submit an offer, we will submit an Agreement of Sale document on your behalf. We will provide you information so that you can decide what to offer as the sales price, down payment, closing date, and included contingencies to protect your interests. We will share our perspective on the types of offers that have been accepted given the current market environment.

How many houses do people normally have to see before finding the right one?
There is no magic number of homes to see. We have helped clients buy the home of their dreams after seeing their fifth home. The clearer you are about what you want, the faster you will be able to find something that meets your needs. We provide you with tools to help you keep track of what you liked and what you disliked to make the process easier.

Why do we ask you to sign a loyalty agreement?
A loyalty agreement is a step beyond a handshake that says that we are working together. We are pledging our commitment to support you through the entire buying process until settlement.

Typically, our clients sign an agreement to give us six months to work together exclusively in a specific area. Or, a client may sign a non-exclusive agreement that acknowledges that we represent you on a specific property that we show you. Either way, you have an easy out clause if our agent has missed the mark.

If you are already working with another agent in the same area or have signed a buyer’s agreement, let us know immediately.