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Financing a Small Multifamily Property! Benefits of House Hacking

Many new real estate investors worry about coming up with the down payment to finance a rental property. In this video, I speak with Katy Sychtertz from Princeton Mortgage about how you can put less money down when buying a multi-unit property like a duplex or triplex if you live in the property.

0:00 Overview
2:55 Defining Owner occupied vs. Investment only loans
4:38 How lenders view risk on investment only loans
5:49 Lender as a partner vs. cash buyers
7:22 Similarities and differences in loan process
8:12 Rental income help in qualification of loan
10:08 Appraiser’s role in rent rate
11:30 Residency obligation explained
12:38 Asking a current tenant to vacate to fulfill residency requirement
14:58 Deciding which multi-family unit you will live in
15:49 Scale of down payment from 2-4 units
16:38 Financing for renovations coming back
17:34 How often can you repeat a house hack?
22:05 Advice about showing rental income on tax returns
24:40 Few thoughts on mortgage rates

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