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Financial Planning Tips As You Scale Your Real Estate Investing

Ever wonder if you have set yourself to scale your rental business? No one wants to fall into a financial landmine. Many newer real estate investors may be ready to quit real estate investing too early because they lack a financial plan to help them grow their real estate businesses.

The recorded webinar focuses on financial planning strategies to help real estate investors who want to scale a profitable rental property portfolio. Watch this candid financial conversation for and by real estate investors.

The panelists in the webinar include: Veronica Woods, Real Estate Investment Advisor and Broker @reallifeplanning CFA®, CFP® Ian Scott, CPA

Video rundown:

[1:19] Ian Scott bio … understanding the real estate investing niche

[3:08] Cynthia Meyer bio…scaling as a first-generation investor

[4:08] Veronica Woods intro…bio….helping those well-positioned financially but concerned about risk

[10:50] When do you think it is time to upgrade your financial team?

[ 18:00] What advice would you give on setting deal goals in a changing economy?

[ 24:13] How should investors think about the BRRR strategy in today’s market?

[ 35:22] What advice do you give investors about raising rents?

[41:44] What mistakes do you see newer investors make with thinking about repair/maintenance expenses?

[ 54:37] What do you wish more new owners thought about before they scaled their portfolios?

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