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Your financial goals and real estate investing

In this video, you can learn how you can match your financial goals to potential real estate investing strategies. To figure out if real estate investing is right for you, you have to know your WHY first. Once you understand your top priority personal financial goals, you can pick the best way to become a real estate investor.

You can learn real estate investing strategies that may be a good fit for you whether you want to:

#1-Create a nest egg
#2-Add a new stream of income
#3-Earn a higher return on cash

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Narrowing down your neighborhood criteria for real estate investing

Do you want to get started investing in real estate but you have a big question mark around which neighborhoods? You hear good things about a lot of neighborhoods and you don’t want to “miss out on a good deal” by excluding any.

Watch this video to learn about narrowing down your target list of properties so that you can make more offers and start buying more properties.

[1:13] Overview
[2:08] Advantages of focus in the early stage
[3:41] Criteria #1: Inventory of YOUR desired properties
[5:07] Criteria #2: Investor-friendliness of the municipality
[6:11] Criteria #3: Target tenants
[7:39] Summary

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5 Things To Consider Before You Manage Your Own Rental Properties

Are you considering buying rental properties and managing them yourself? Many people dream of owning rental properties but are not sure whether they are ready to manage the properties on their own. Before you take the leap to be a hands-on landlord, it is important to understand what is required beyond collecting the money at the beginning of each month.

If you are thinking about managing your own rentals, watch this video which covers five things you will need to consider

[2:16] #1: How will you handle tenant screening
[3:46] #2: Which lease will you use?
[5:02] #3: How will you handle maintenance issues?
[6:29] #4: Which local legal requirements do I need to worry about?
[7:39] #5: Do I have the right mindset for the rental business?

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Selecting your real estate investing dream team

If you are new to real estate investing, you may not have your real estate dream team of advisors yet. Don’t risk stepping on investment landmines flying without your real estate investing A-team.

[0:00] Intro and overview of the importance of real estate advisory team
[1:44] Your realtor
[3:25] Your contractor
[5:10] Your lender

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Why you should start real estate investing?

Are thinking about getting started with real estate investing? If you want to hear another perspective on the benefits of investing in rental properties, watch this video.

If you are already investing in your 401K, this video reviews why you should add real estate investing to your financial portfolio.