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Ask Yourself These 6 Important Questions When You Inherit Property!

You’ve inherited property. Now, what?

It could be a windfall. It could be something that makes you really nervous about, are you doing the right thing in order to improve your financial situation? The Rental Property Café cohosts Cynthia Meyer of Real Life Planning and Veronica Woods of Daniel Woods Real Estate discuss six questions that you should ask yourself — and be firm on your answers — before you decide what is the best course of action.

☕ Is everyone on the same page about what do with it?
☕ How does this fit into your personal financial goals?
☕ Is it a good investment for you?
☕ How does owning a rental property work with your lifestyle?
☕ Would you be happy with the money you could make today if you sold it?
☕ Who’s on your team?

About the Rental Property Café™:

The Rental Property Café™ podcast offers a real estate tool kit for busy professionals who are building a real estate portfolio. In each episode, co-hosts Cynthia Meyer & Veronica Woods explore ways to grow a successful real estate business while growing your career.

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