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Are home inspections worth the money? Tips for investors and home buyers

Is the home inspection a step that you can afford to skip when buying a property as an investor or even a traditional home buyer, especially with an as-is sale? In this video, I speak with Ross Kennedy from Kennedy Home Inspections about how you can best use a professional home inspection for due diligence and leverage during negotiations.

0:00 Overview
2:35 Kennedy Home Inspections background
3:47 How you can be fooled by online photos
6:00 Sellers getting home inspections prior to going on the MLS
8:13 How do you approach home inspections for As-Is sales
10:55 Using home inspections to get swag at renovation budget
12:00 Major vs minor home defects
15:40 Importance of specific wording on home inspection reports
18:02 Where buyers should focus attention during home inspections
21:45 Learn about the most important systems of the house vs. cosmetic repairs
22:58 Misunderstood defects
25:19 When an old house becomes a problem
28:10 The facts about knob & tube wiring
31:55 Difference between local municipality requirements and home inspection checklist
35:56 Appraiser’s (or lender’s) repair checklist
39:00 How the house tells the story
41:00 Setting expectations about what could come up at a home inspection
44:05 Discovering renovation work done without proper permits
47:00 Value of knowing overall health of the property

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