About Us

Since 1987, Daniel Woods Real Estate has been the investors’ choice to buy, sell, and manage real estate properties in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

We offer full-service management for single family homes, multi-family properties, and commercial storefronts in Delaware and Philadelphia Counties in PA, including West Philadelphia, Chester, Upper Darby, Yeadon, Sharon Hill, Lansdowne, Drexel Hill, Brookhaven, Marcus Hook, and Upper Chichester. We seamlessly work with clients who live inside and outside of the Philadelphia area with the use of technology and best practice communication systems.

A few things set our company apart…

  1. We are a family-owned business. We treat our clients as business partners, not as just transactions
  2. We emphasize sound planning practices. We develop a management plan that matches our clients’ objectives whether it is to preserve cash flow, to build a portfolio, or to sell.
  3. We are marketing savvy. We don’t just stick a sign in your yard and hope. We build a specialized marketing plan for each client.
  4. We offer special services for landlords and investors. Understanding the market for rental units requires different expertise. We have navigated the real estate cycles with local and out-of-town owners since we began in 1985.
  5. We focus on client education. Our job is not just to close the deal but increase your knowledge so that you can tackle that next deal.

Our Purpose:

To help our clients create wealth through smart real estate investing and home ownership

Our Philosophy

We believe that…

1. The more we can teach our clients, the more profits they earn.

2. We strive for long term relationships.

3. Real estate creates opportunities for wealth, legacy, and lifestyle design.


You build your financial scorecard by owning real estate. As your properties appreciate in value, you continue to grow your balance sheet. You can keep more of your overall assets by realizing tax savings.


You can pass your house onto your children and grandchildren. You can also transform the landscape of communities. Your purchase, rehab, and maintenance of your property contributes to the future quality of the neighborhood one block at a time.


You can simply create a place to live. But you can also create a new passive source of income today and plan for future streams that pay you into retirement.