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5 Questions to Ask When Buying an Older Home in the Philadelphia Area

Are you considering buying an older home vs. new construction? If so, you must be careful in your inspections to uncover hidden issues upfront so that you don’t have surprises within the first year of your ownership. If you are looking for a home in Philadelphia, you will likely be purchasing an older home so it is important to ask the right questions.

Watch this video to find out the five questions you should ask before buying an older home in Philadelphia.
[1:05] Background on older homes in the Philadelphia area
[2:48] #1: Signs of Foundation Issues?
[3:45] #2: Signs of Roof Damage?
[4:49] #3: Condition of the HVAC?
[5:24] #4: Up-to-date Electrical System?
[6:35] #5: Signs of Plumbing Problems?

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