We can help you grow wealth through real estate

We are not just realtors; we are real estate matchmakers. Whether its time to sell, buy or earn more income, we help our clients make the right connections that result in more money in their pockets. For over 30 years, we have advised owners of residential and small commercial property holdings in Delaware County and Philadelphia, PA on sales and property management.


Ronette Long Home Seller

Veronica’s professionalism and straight-forward approach won me over from the start. She was clear about how she would work to sell my house and what price I would likely get. I felt confident that she did her homework on my neighborhood to present my house in the best light. She delivered on all her promises and kept me well-informed along the way. I highly recommend her.

Ursula Watson Home Buyer

I thought that it would take me months and months to find a perfect house, but Veronica found “The One” in under a month. She helped me get clear about what I wanted in my new home. She explained the trade-offs between getting that wish list in my different target neighborhoods. I couldn’t imagine having a better guide to walk me through the process. I would gladly recommend her to my friends and family.

Phill Andrews Home Seller

If you’re looking for a great realtor I highly recommend Veronica Woods. I first met her after being extremely frustrated with any and all realtors. She immediately took the bull by the horns and gave me a professional review of what was needed to get a full price offer. She moved quickly and both properties went to settlement in June 2018. Her professionalism is second to none and I highly recommend her.

Get a realistic view of what today’s buyer will pay for your house. By helping you interpret all the data available on your home, you can keep more equity and sell quicker.

Real estate investing can be scary for new investors. You can lose your shirt if you are wrong about the market assumptions and the wrong team., including an investor-friendly agent.

Avoid the hassle of dealing with tenants and contractors directly. You can have a local team handle your day-to-day property management activities while you enjoy the positive financial returns of a profitable rental property portfolio.


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